Hello world!

My name is Ivan Petrovic and I am an English language teacher. I have been teaching for seven years now and I have become an addict. They say that the first step on the long road to healing is to stop denying your addiction. However, I don’t want to be healed, I want to teach as long as I am alive. Why have I become a teacher?   When my students ask me this question , I put  a solemn expression on my face and say there are two great reasons – July and August. At first they look at me in bewilderment, but after a few moments, when they get the joke, they burst out laughing. Of course, this is just a joke; the reasons why I have chosen this profession are completely different. One of the most important is the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment I have when I realize that I have managed to help my students acquire the skills and knowledge which they will need in their life and career. This blog is one of the means which I believe can help me achieve my objectives and complete my mission. It is intended for all my students, as well as my fellow teachers. Everyone is welcome to join, to take what they need, but also to share their ideas, experiences, and knowledge. And, most importantly, to share their love for English language. That’s why we are all here!!!